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From I, Claudius to Private Eyes: The Ancient World and Popular Fiction

June 16-18, 2014

In Memory of Dr Lana Schwebel z”l

Keynote Speakers: Authors 


Over the last few years work has begun on the subject of classics and children's fiction, with conferences being held in Lampeter (Hodkinson and Lovatt, 2009) and Warsaw (Marciniak, 2012), and three publications presently forthcoming on this subject. Yet there has been surprisingly little sustained consideration of adult fiction and the ancient world, or indeed of children's literature within the wider context of popular fiction, despite the fact that this is a vast and rich field. The forthcoming conference, therefore, by way of setting about rectifying this situation, will be the first serious consideration of the full range of receptions of classics in popular fiction. It will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines (classics, English and other modern languages, comparative literature etc.) with popular modern authors, in order to acquire a range of perspectives on the subject.

Keynote Speakers: Academics


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